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Why showing only 3 Conversions

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Hi Guys,


Issue is in my phone call conversion tracking. The total number of calls made by visitor is 8 but in conversion that is showing only 3 conversion. I had set phone call conversion time 30 sec. , So in my point of view adwords should show 7 conversion. Why this is happening ?. Please see image and let me know.




1. After 3-4 days they are still showing only 3 conversion. So i think that is not data refresh issue.

2. We configure to track all conversions. So that is also not a issue.

Please let me other regions why this happening ?




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Re: Why showing only 3 Conversions

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Hi Pawan,


It depends on what conversion action you chose while setting up your conversion action.




If you opted for the first option, you will see conversions only from your ads. In the report which you are referring, the actual conversions would be only 3. You got 4 calls from the ads, but 1 of them does not fall into category of conversion because its call duration is less than what you indicated for the conversion. 


My advise, if you would like to count those manually-dialed-calls as well for conversions, get ahead to set up conversions for it so that AdWords can count them as conversions for you. Choose the second option from the list while doing your setup. 


All the best!


Ratan Jha




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Re: Why showing only 3 Conversions

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Hi Ratan,


Thanks for your response.


Please see following images.


1. I have already configure Call from website Conversion and its showing 3 conversion and that is not from ads.




2. In following image you can see total calls is 12 and google showing 6 conversion. How can that possible ?






Please understand issue and why this happening daily.