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Why my ad is not serving

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Could some body please help me

My campaign is display network only, I sell Laptop tables, so i select websites as managed placement about web development,web designing, software engineering, computer programming , Graphic designers etc(pre-supposing that these people have high laptop usage, so they need laptop), and for more relevancy, i also used the above words as keywords, and use target and bid option,but my ads are not serving and getting following errors.

1)You don't have enough Google AdSense pageviews yet to diagnose the combination of your current campaign settings and targeting criteria.

2)Your ad isn't showing because it lost in the auction to ads with more competitive bids.

Can any body please help me.


Re: Why my ad is not serving

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi there,

Sounds like you have a newer Display Network campaign you're working with. With the Display Network, we want to assume that the ads are of high quality before we allow them to show on our AdSense partner's sites.

So, in a way, you need to get impressions (show that users respond well to your ads on the GDN) in order to get more impressions. A good way to do this when you're starting out is through adjusting your bid. You may have to have it a bit higher when you start out, and then you can lower it over time.

One other thing to pay attention to: make sure you have several different targeting options. When you're first starting out, you won't want to just add in a couple high-traffic managed placements. Add in a few lower-traffic (but still relevant to you) managed placements, and if you want, add in some keywords to try to automatically match to sites.

Hope all of this helps, and best of luck!