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Why i am not getting click despite of good impressions?

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Our PPC ads have been approve for 1 week and producing good impression but no clicks. 
I am sure the ads are ok since i just balance it with the competitors

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Re: Why i am not getting click despite of good impressions?

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Hello Sushi, Welcome to the Community


What is the avg. pos. of your keywords and how many keywords do you have ? If you have a low Ad position , meaning below 4 , receiving less clicks is a normal situation because the Ad has low visibility and sometimes it requires scrolling the page.


What type of campaign do you have ? Is it the default Search + Display + Search partners ?

What bid adjustment do you use for mobiles ?

Use the button "Segment" and choose "Network" to see where impressions have been distributed and how many are from "Search". Also you can use the "Segment" - " Device" to check if most of those impressions are from mobiles or not.


How many impressions did you receive in a week ?

Usually a low CTR rate is specific to a Display Campaign or one with the "Search partners" activated so just Disabling "Search partners" should generate less impressions and a higher CTR.


Re: Why i am not getting click despite of good impressions?

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The main (!) reasons for this "phenomenon" are usually centered around:

  • Keywords that are too broad. (Are you using broad match keywords? )
  • Ad-copy that is not relevant to the search query;

You need to work on your ad-copy and keywords.
Start by removing keywords with many impressions that do not convert; use match types and, review the ad-copy;
In the next step work on improving CTR.
As for ad position - My opinion it that you should aim towards the 3 highest positions; However; if you don't win them, as long as you are "above the fold" (i.e. the user doesn't have to scroll down) - you are OK.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Why i am not getting click despite of good impressions?

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Hi Sushi,


To follow Moshe, I would also emphasize on the fact whether you are running Display and Search Network together in one campaign or not. If yes, then this could be one of the reason for Low CTR (i.e high impressions and low clicks) because normally the tendency of Display Network is such that you don't get a good CTR.


Otherwise, look at your ad copies. There are bright chances that users are not getting attracted with the content of your ad. You should try and experiment with your ad copies using different call to actions and offers if you have. Don't only go by the Competitor, see what you can offer your customers differently and I think that can do the magic.


My 2 cents!


Re: Why i am not getting click despite of good impressions?

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We are actually using search only.  I have input almost 8 different ads. First i have 4 batches of unique and another 4 copied from other advertisers in the adwords.


I have used the kewyords in the ads to make it more appealing.


I have used both exact and broad match.