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Why have my impressions, clicks fallen off a cliff?

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My Adwords were doing very well for a couple years.  Campaigns were maxing out every day.  Suddenly they have been a slow decline to the point now where they are all but non existent. Did Google Change the way adwords work or what happened?  Thanks Dt

Re: Why have my impressions, clicks fallen off a cliff?

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Hello Donn,


In order to clarify the situation, you need to provide more details .


Did you pause the campaigns for any reason ?


Did you make any changes to your keywords like adding too many negative broad keywords ?


If you look at the keywords tab for every ad group, at the status column do you have messages like "Bellow first page bid" and an indication of the amount that you should use to appear on the first page ?


What is the quantitative drop for your best performing 3 keywords and how many impressions/click do you read if you select a time range like the entire February and compare it to entire month of April.