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Why do my keywords not show my ads?

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I have specific keywords, i.e., 'congregation fees payments online' that should result in my ad showing.  When I search on this phrase there are zero ads shown, none, nada.  And so it's not that my bid is too low. Why is this happening (or not happening)? This is true also for some other keywords as well.

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Re: Why do my keywords not show my ads?

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Hi John, welcome to the Community.  There are lots of reasons why you personally may not see your own Ads when you search Google, here's just a few reasons.


Firstly, unless your budget is sufficient to show your Ad for every possible matching search, Google will only show your Ad infrequently to ensure you don't spend more than your daily budget.  The greater the difference between how much budget would be required to show every Ad and your budget setting, the less frequently your Ads will be shown.


Secondly, you may be affecting how often you see your Ad purely by your own searches.  Google search isn't "dumb" when it comes to showing Ads.  If you search frequently on the same term(s) and don't click on the Ads shown, Google may show other Ads instead.  Again, this is increasingly likely the lower the daily budget becomes.


Thirdly you may not qualify as someone who should see the Ad.  If you're using location targeting, demographics or scheduling for example you may not fall under the conditions set for the Ad to display.


Does your Account show the Ad accruing impressions and/or clicks?


The best way to check your Ad is showing is to hover your mouse over the small "speech bubble" icon next to each Ad in your Account under the "Status" column.  Or you can use the "Ad Preview & Diagnosis" Tool.



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