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Why can't I ever see my ad when I enter the Key Words?

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I'm still billed every month $30-$40 but I never actually see my ad.  Someone sees my ad because I am billed on a CPC basis.  I don't get it.  All my competitors show up in the Google search results for free,  I pay Google and they won't even show my ad.  I am about to cancel the Adwords stuff.



Re: Why can't I ever see my ad when I enter the Key Words?

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Hello pamcalpine, 


Welcome to adwords community, 

you can cheak you add wheather your ads are live or not with the help of ad preview tools,

Please cheak your campaign, whats your add rank and keywords quality score, increase your cpc


Re: Why can't I ever see my ad when I enter the Key Words?

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Hi Pam,


Probably best not to do searches on your own keywords. There is a tool in AdWords called Ad Preview. Try using this to preview your ads. As far as your ads not showing there are a few things you may want to check.


  • Settings - Are you targeting search, display or both? Make sure these are set correctly
  • Location - Are you targeting a specific state, city, country? Also when you search in the Google search engine if you are not in the location where your ads are targeted you wont see your ads
  • Keywords/bids - Are you bidding high enough on your keywords? In the keywords tab in AdWords there is a column labeled average position. This will give you an idea of where your ads are positioned in google for specific keywords
  •  Ads - Check this section in AdWords. Sometimes ads are approved but are limited by keywords, negative keywords and other factors.
  • Budget - Is your buget large enough? If your daily budget is small this can be a factor
  • Devices - Check what devices your campaign is targeting. Desktop, mobile etc.

As fare are Google search goes, remember that there are two types of placements on Google. Paid and organic results. See image below. Your competitors may be taking advantage of organic which is FREE, but takes time to do SEO etc.


Paid vs. Organic.png


Stefan Martinez
-- Not an AdWords expert, just a student eager to learn more...