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Why aren't my ads showing up

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I am a carpet cleaner in a somewhat competitive market. In the past, a $4.50 bid on a keyword with a score of 5/10 would get my ad placed around 5.0-5.5. Last week, things got more competitive. Took a $5 bid to get this. Yesterday, it took a $7 bid to get my ad to show.

Today, not even a $25 bid will show my ad! A carpet cleaner's bill is about $100-150. It takes 4-5 clicks to get the phone to ring. It takes 2-3 calls to get an appointment.

That means it takes 8+ clicks ($40) to get a job that has a gross sale of $150. Talking to my peers, this seems about average, though I'm not happy giving away around 40% of my gross profit to Google.

Today, if you take that $25 per click, that translates into spending $200 to getting a $150 job. NOBODY in their right mind is doing that!

Has Google frozen my account and not told me? All week my impressions are going down every day, while my bids go up. Today I can't get an impression no matter what I bid. What happened? Thanks.

Re: Why aren't my ads showing up

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Hi Peter,


Welcome to the community.


As you probably know, the position of your ad depends on your ad rank.


Ad Rank = Quality Score x Bid


So the higher your QS, the higher your position (or the less you'll pay for the same position) Also, the QS that is reported (5/10) is there purely for indicative purposes. Internally, google uses a different QS - based on the same principles - where for example the click-through rate is more important.


That being said, what are some of the reasons that could lead to the results you're seeing:

  • Your competitors increased their bids (note that for you it costs $25 a click, but if your competitors have a much higher quality score than you, it will cost them less to rank higher)
  • Your competitors increased their QS. Since yours didn't change, you have to raise your bids in order to keep up
  • Your quality score is going down, so you have to compensate with bidding more (this would be my guess)


What can you do?

  • Increase your quality score. This is important as it will reduce your costs. A current QS of 5/10 isn't that high, it gives you enough potential for improvement.  You can read more on Quality Scores and how to improve them here. Increasing your QS from 5/10 to 8/10 or higher would have quite a significant impact on your cost per click.
  • Focus on having / getting a high CTR as this has the highest impact on the "real" QS that AdWords uses internally.  An excellent thread in this community with regards to improving your QS can be found here


And the AdWords blog post that explains the difference between the reported QS and the actualy QS that AdWords uses internally:


Hope this helps!