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Why are group keyword suggestions not QS relevant?

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If Google wants ad groups to be so tightly relevant to the ad to give a 4 or higher quality score, then why does the keyword suggestion box offer up so many phrase options to add to the group that would result in a poor quality score?


For example, let's say I'm selling a make your own vases kit and I create an ad with the title Make Your Own Vases and the rest of the text something like, Learn how to make your own vases at home. Vase making kit.


Then as soon as I put in the most obvious keyword phrase Make Your Own Vase, the suggestion tool generates a list of 100 other keyword phrases that include synonyms for the word make.  Things like create your own vase or build your own vase.  Adding any of those to the group results in a low or poor quality score for the keyword phrase.  So why bother suggesting them then?


If Google is so smart and is going to be so particular to give a decent quality score then they should just auto-generate entire ads, ad groups, and keyword lists for each group based on a 1 line description of what the product or service is and save me the trouble of having to figure out their mystery system.

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Re: Why are group keyword suggestions not QS relevant?

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Hi WhySoComplex,


You have to remember that keyword suggestions are exactly that, suggestions. You know your own business better than an automated suggestion tool does so by providing you with an extended list of keywords you have the ability to select from them or get ideas that you may not originally have thought of. You don't necessarily have to look at the list as if they are being suggested for one ad group either, the suggestions may inspire you to create new ad groups with alternative tightly themed keywords with their own ad descriptions. If the suggestions are coming up with synonyms such as "create" and "build" for example then why not make some "create" and "build" ad groups?


If everything was auto-generated then the whole system would be purely a bid auction meaning that small to medium businesses would not be able to have as much of a choice to compete in the market. By giving advertisers the ability to optimise their own accounts it also gives them a choice to advertise to their audiences without having to pay the premium prices to do so. You can also imagine that an automation tool is never going to capture your business and marketing model as well as you can.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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