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Why 5 Paid clicks from 1 visit viewing 6 pages

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I recently installed a Statcounter that shows every paid click. I have noticed that one visitor visited 6 pages and I was charged 5 paid clicks spanning 3.5 minutes total. I was under the impression that 1 person visit = 1 paid click. Is it possible that I have added something to every page instead of just the home page. If so I have been paying too much for 5 years!!!!

Any info greatly appreciated.

Re: Why 5 Paid clicks from 1 visit viewing 6 pages

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Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!


Clicks and visits are actually two different metrics and while they'll frequently be close, they'll never match exactly. That being said, you'll never be innacurately charged by Google.  My guess is that the difference you're seeing can be attributed to how Clicks and Visits are being calculated - 


Clicks - a click is any time a searcher clicks on your AdWords Ad.  Google runs every click through a click tracking redirect for accurate reporting.  The click tracking tracking redirect works indeptantly of cookies and/or scripts to ensure it can accurately count every click your Ads receive.


Visits - A visit is when someone actually makes it to your site (unique sessions).  Typically visits are counted by relying on cookies and/or scripts and thus, cannot track searchers who have cookies and/or scripts disabled.


Technically, one user could click on your Ad multiple times and while you'd be charged multiple Clicks, you'd probably only see 1 Visit.  While that should not happen often, it could happen.


I have no idea how you set up your stat counter, but it could of been set up incorrectly, but hard to say without seeing your site.


Finally, I noticed that you mentioned a Stat Counter - are you also using Google Analytics?  Google Analytics is free and can provide you with a lot of data and insights into how your site is performing and how users are interacting with it.