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Which repetitive Adwords tasks you wish would be automated?

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Are there any Google Adwords related tasks you do regularly that you wish would be automated?

For instance, making updates to ad groups that could be done by a script. Or anything else that you currently do manually but it could potentially be automated.

P.S. I'm asking this question because I'm looking for software ideas that could potentially make life of Adwords managers easier. Instead of trying to guess what you guys want I decided to come for your opinion and advice first.

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Re: Which repetitive Adwords tasks you wish would be automated?

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Community Manager
Hi Sergey Z,
Did you know that AdWords has Scripts that can automate lots of your daily tasks for you?

Check it out here:


Re: Which repetitive Adwords tasks you wish would be automated?

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I asked a very similar question a few weeks back on a private community of AdWords professionals. Unfortunately, the response was equally as tumbleweed-ish. As @KathleenG mentioned, it seems like scripts can do pretty much everything these days and anything else is just an edge case that individual organizations use the API to build out. Google pretty much nailed it. 


I think the biggest area for improvement on the AdWords toolset front would be in Shopping Campaigns though if you want to try your luck there. 



Re: Which repetitive Adwords tasks you wish would be automated?

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Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm aware of Adwords Scripts, even created a few for a client. As far as I remember, they have pretty robust capabilities and can do almost everything Adwords API apps can.

But they are still software, aren't they? What I'm saying is that I'm looking for problems that are not currently addressed. Potential solution could be a script, and app, a Wordpress plugin or some other form of software.
So if there are any tasks you with would be automated, I'd gladly read about it.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer this question!


Re: Which repetitive Adwords tasks you wish would be automated?

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Hi Sergie,


It’s a good question, I hope below will address you exactly what you are looking for.


My coding and programming skills are very negligible but I am good at analyzing account. Recently I experiment a process for improve clicks and reduce Avg. CPC of keywords and I have seen 5% improvement with it for more than 100 accounts.


Most of the times we compare same metrics like last 30 days clicks comparison or CTR or other metrics with the same as you know Google will give you all data for these metrics, but what about cross metric comparison.


For example:  overall conversions % and keyword level conversions % (not conversion rate) compared by overall spend and keyword spend %.


Account-A conversions are 100 and overall account spend is $ 1000






keyword 1





keyword 2






If we have 10 or 15 accounts we can do this process normally but in large scale accounts you can create a script to pause the keywords which are giving very less conversions with very high spend(I’m not considering zero conversion keywords).


I know we have so many things affect conversions but this kind of script will save you time or you can set alert depend upon percentage of change.


This is not only for conversions it will work for clicks, CTR and Avg. CPC also.


If you are looking for the above this might be helpful, if you have idea about it already I will really appreciate if we could improve above idea.