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Which ad is chosen to be shown and why?

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Just wondering how Google decides which ad from an ad group should be shown if the auction is won?

Are the ads shown at random/equal amount of times? How is this decision made?


If each ad relates to the same keywords, how and why is an ad chosen over another (from within the same account - I'm not asking about the auction for ads between different users)?



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Re: Which ad is chosen to be shown and why?

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Hello emmah,


The calculation is actually down to what Ad rotation settings you have enabled within your campaign. The three options are:


  • Optimise for clicks - The system will select the higher quality ads in the attempt to gain you more clicks and impressions due to higher quality ads usually gaining better ad positions and therefore more exposure.
  • Optimise for conversions - If your ad groups have previous data regarding conversions then the system will select the ad most likely to generate a conversion for that particular search term.
  • Rotate - Your ads will be evenly rotated regardless of statistics, this is generally a good option to use when introducing new ads to ad groups.

You can view more information at the bottom of this link -


There was also a "Best practice" thread on the old forum which I'll try to find for you.


Kind regards,

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Which ad is chosen to be shown and why?

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Thanks Scotty!


I will give the random rotation a go!