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What is Dainamic product listing ads... How can i setup these ads

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Hi All,


Recently i Heard about Dynamic product listing ads... Wht it is exactly....
one of my website have services packages [not products] can i run these type of ads...

Re: What is Dainamic product listing ads... How can i setup these ads

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Hi ,

I dont think there is something like Dynamic Product Listing Ad,
Have you heard of Dynamic ReMarketing instead ?

Are you familiar with product listing ads ?
Do you have a Google Merchant Center account ?

Google Merchant Center is available in these countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

If yes ignore the following part of the answer.
If not then :

Start by reading this :

and this :

To begin using Product Listing Ads, you’ll need both an AdWords account and a Google Merchant Center account. Then you’ll need to link the two accounts. Your Merchant Center account lets you manage your product information, while your AdWords account helps you manage your ads and campaigns. Now you can create and deliver attractive and relevant Product Listing Ads to potential customers

When you finish with the above , go to the following link, you will by then very close to produce a product listing ad that is quite clever to call it "dynamic" :

Hope i helped you.

George Gemenetzis
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