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What happens when a client saves a Google Forwarding number?

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Hey gang,


Just wondering what happens in the extremely likely situation in which a customer uses their phone's call history to re-dial a Google Forwarding number.


Example: A client wants to get a website built. They search "website design" on their mobile and press the click-to-call button on my ad without ever visiting my website. They like the quote the salesperson gives them, but they aren't ready to commit without getting a few more quotes from other companies. They go to the recently dialed menu on their phone and save my number as "Joe's Website Company" for later use.


A few days later they go back to that "Joe's Website Company" entry and re-dial. What happens? Will it simply not work? Or worse, will it potentially call a different, random company, giving the unfortunate impression that my company has vanished? And since they've never seen my website (remember, they used the click-to-call button directly from the ad), even if they do go to the trouble of Googling me they wouldn't necessarily recognize me when they find me.


It seems like this would be a pretty big issue for any company that attempts to build long-term relationships with its clients, so just wondering what everyone's thoughts are.



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Re: What happens when a client saves a Google Forwarding number?

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Hi @Joe K;

This question was asked in the past. The number's goal is for  an "instant" conversion, while the user browsing the page and decides to convert. These numbers should not serve  as a  business number. Google does not guarantee to keep them, though I have never seen a case in which it was replaced, as long as the number was active on the account.


So officially, there is no guarantee, while  In practice,  the chances or replacing the number as long as the campaign is active - are slim.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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