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What happened to the Recommended Budget function?

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For years I was able to go into the Campaign settings (in the Budget section) and see a Recommended Budget link that would provide estimates for what the budget could be.  The link only appeared if you first clicked the "Edit" link to change the budget amount, and sometimes it even came back and said the existing budget was fine.  Not a bad tool, assuming of course you trust the data behind the algorithm.


I tried this yesterday and the link did not show up - which confused me.  I contacted AdWords support, and the agent took a day to check with the "specialists" - their answer was that the presence of that link is not guaranteed and may vary depending on the campaign itself.


Um, what BS is this?  The link previously appeared every time I looked (even on the same campaign), and I've personally managed a string of campaigns over a 12-year period, all of which had the feature showing.  The explanation relayed to me was that there might not be enough data to allow the feature to make intelligent estaimates, but if so why was it working fine on the same campaign for so long?  


This reeks of some convenient BS techie-explanation to me.... has anybody else noticed the missing Recommended Budget link?  Or maybe the fact that I've personally spent a couple of million bucks with Google makes them think I'm not worth bothering with any more?  Are you all able to see the link on your own campaigns?

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Re: What happened to the Recommended Budget function?

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Hi Steve, I have to say the response from Support matches my own understanding of this feature, as described in this Help page:




"AdWords won't display a recommended daily budget if you rarely meet your daily budget, or if your campaign has limited data."


This also matches what I see in my own client Accounts.  The majority of the Campaigns are not limited in any way but of those that are for specific reasons, some show this option, and others do not.  As the help page indicates:


"If you don't see a recommended budget, and you know your ads aren't being shown as often as they could because your budget is limited, you might want to consider raising your budget to an amount that you're comfortable with."



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Re: What happened to the Recommended Budget function?

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Cobnut - thanks for taking the time to respond. Here's my problem - I ALWAYS meet my daily budget (which is not insignificant) and the campaign has been running for 15 months - with buckets of data to work with. I've steadily increased the budget over that time, and we're talking many hundreds of dollars per day - with ad positions in the top 3 and CTRs of 5%.

Further, the Recommended Budget was showing for many of those months, so I'm completely bamboozled as to why it would suddenly stop showing. The help pages you mentioned just don't seem to match the reality in this case, but getting anything sensible out of the Google folks is apparently asking a lot.