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Wednesdays showing higher cpc, lower conversion rate

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Hi ,

We did an analysis on Time of Day and Day of Week for our business, CPC and conversions. 

We observed that the end-of-day and lunch hours are the poorest performing for us, which could be explained by the fact that CPC increases during lunch hours because there is higher competition. 


We also observed that Wednesdays are poorest performing for us and we are not able to find a suitable explanation for the same. Is there a reason why people would bid higher on wednesdays? Are there any specific weekly updates that google does every wednesday that could show this trend?....Has anybody else faced this?


Please help.

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Re: Wednesdays showing higher cpc, lower conversion rate

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Hello there;

This usually a consumer behavior typical to the Geo region and the type of service/ product you are offering. (As you said during lunch time you see an increase of competition)

I don't think it's an account setting / bidding issue...


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Wednesdays showing higher cpc, lower conversion rate

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To follow Moshe, I would say that it might be a normal tendency of an account behaving like that especially during the lunch hours or any specific days. I would assume that the competition is high during lunch hours because the users get time to browse the internet and are interested in finding some good deals or offers for the business you are into. Although I don't know which business you are into really.


Few steps of optimization which you might consider could be:


If you are running short of budget due to high competition during lunch hours, try to use ad scheduling and pause your campaigns during that particular time.


OR if there are no issues of budget, try to increase the bids using bid multiplier and see if that gives you some more conversions or not. Also try to identify if your competitors are providing some really good deals during that time and you might be interested in launching a special campaign for the lunch hours.


My thoughts!



Re: Wednesdays showing higher cpc, lower conversion rate

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what kind of market (retail? local?) are you talking about? In what geo market (US?)?


And what kind of volume and length of time are you looking at? (200 conversion in 2 weeks?)


In my part of the world (north Europe) CPC is higher in the beginning of the day, i.e. at 00.00. Why? Because that´s when a new budget-day begins.


Are there any specific weekly updates that google does every wednesday that could show this trend?

No, there isn´t to my knowledge

Re: Wednesdays showing higher cpc, lower conversion rate

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Being clearer on our business, we are an online loans company in the UK.

And we are looking at conversions at the rate of 10,000 per week through PPC and we find a dip on Wednesdays.

We are currently attributing this to a higher competition on wednesdays but I don't see any reason as to why competitors would bid higher specifically on Wednesdays.


  • Also, could one of you give me a valid formula that makes sense and works, for Net Acquisition cost (INCLUDING ASSIST CLICKS in the formula) so that we can track both returning customers (Through other channels and also the contribution from assist clicks)

Re: Wednesdays showing higher cpc, lower conversion rate

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So by "performing poorer" I guess you mean your CPA is higher. And why would it be so on a wednesday, compared to monday and saturday for example?

Well, let me speculate a little. You probably see high search volumes in the beginning of week. And all your competitors are in the game, driving up CPC, but as inventory is big, you never hit the roof, i.e. you don´t pay THAT much per click, because you still get a lot of leads and is happy with that.

On wednesday on the other hand, search volumes decrease, but conversion rate is still good. There is fish in the pond and it´s hungry. So everyone wants to be in the game, and they are looking at "normal" (i.e. monday tuesday) conversion rates and putting their bidlimit in accordance with that. However, as inventory is less, CPC:s are going up, and as fish is still not that hard to catch, you don´t wanna withdraw too much, afraid of getting too few conversions, which also don´t look good. So you keep your CPC:s up at a level that you can hardly bare, but then again, maybe you can.


The formula you are looking for in regard to multi channel attribution is the million-dollar-question of the cpc community at the time being. I don´t have a very good answer / formula for you, but I´d happy to discuss it, maybe in another thread?