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Website Conversions

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HI All,


Thanks for all your help on my last question. My biggest issue with AdWords has been conversion(sales). I have an average of 150 visitors comig to my website daily. However my conversion rate is below 0.5%. I know its horrible. My quesions are as follows


  1. Does AdWords provide immediate sales? The business is a relatively new (2 months old) so is it possible that people are not converting because of low brand awareness?
  2. Is there something off with the website. Any sugestion on improvement would be helpful.
  3. Also if you were a visitor interested in the niche we promote would the website make a good job of selling to you?

website url:


The members help on the conversion issues wold be much helpful.


Thanks and REgards,

Manish Joshi

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Re: Website Conversions

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Rising Star

Good morning.


1. AdWords can and does provide 'immediate' sales for many advertisers, although not for all. For most people, it can take 60-90 days to really get their campaign stabilized around the keywords and ads that will produce sales for them. (Most new advertisers, in my experience, use far too wide a range of keywords, spending money on words that are unlikely to produce leads.)


I would say that your site, offering astrological data, is in a highly competitive market. There are thousands of sites online where people can get free astrology information and horoscopes.


If you see your 'brand' as something beyond the usual, see that you have something significantly different to offer, then the home page of your website didn't really sell that to me--I didn't see it.  Sorry.

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Re: Website Conversions

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Hi Theresa,


Thanks for the help. Can you please help me ou with my AdWords, please? Having read upteem books I thought I was an Intermediate in this fiels. But this campaign is really giving me the jitters. I required can share the login credentials for the account. Let me know what infor is required so that you can pinpoint my errors.


Thanks again for your help.



Re: Website Conversions

Google Employee
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Google Employee

One thing you might want to look at here to try and improve your conversions would be to check the keywords that are converting the best for you. Focussing on these and pausing others which are not performing well might help you increase your conversions. 


If you have Analytics tracking code on your website, you could also use this to see which pages your customers stay on longest and which ones they skip over. This might help you improve the website so it is more relevant for your customers, which might encourage them to convert for you.


Also, this link here might give you some tips to help improve your conversions. 


Hope this helps



Re: Website Conversions

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Thanks Alys. I would love to that but none of keywords would qualify as high converting as there have been just 1-2 conversions from the account. Now if the same keywords we to result in more sales I could take a call.