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Webpage as Negative Campaign Criteria, created in API, where to find in UI

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We want to exclude showing display network ads on a particular website, lets say  I'm creating a negative campaign criterion with a website criteria, who's parameter operand is URL, and argument is   They are created successfully and I get an Id back, as well I can see in the campaign history in the web UI that the website exclusion was created.
However, I can't for the life of me see the setting (under settings, display network->placements, etc).  Do these campaign exclusions show up in the UI??   Is there a way to verify that this exclusion is effective?  
This is specifically for display network campaigns.  I posted in the API forum here,!topic/adwords-api/Z_3_hBiRCtM, but haven't gotten an answer about display network campaigns.   Shwetha from Adwords API team provided some help, but for search and dynamic search campaigns, not display network.
An example campaign id, 795619121

Webpage as Negative Campaign Criteria, created in API, where to find in UI

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Hi @Matthew W


You can exclude placements from specific ad groups and campaigns from the Display Network tab.


1. Go to your Display Network tab and click + Targeting

2. Select an ad group.
Click either the “Add ad group exclusions” or “Add campaign exclusions” drop-down menu and select “Placements."
3. Type a placement in the box (example: by entering one placement per line. (You can exclude up to 10,000 placements per campaign.)