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Web logs / blogs

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I am new to this stuff so here is the question

I'm using go daddy as my web hosting provider, & I have been running google Adwords ( for about 2/3 wks and have ran up a reasonable sum of money with no return for my efforts.  (remember I'm new and so is my startup company )( but not to what I do for a living) 

I have about 50 clicks on my ad words account with no calls for repairs ( I do garage door repairs for a living)

I believe that my competitors are clicking me off the front page  Everyday. Costing me money and wasting my time. Mainly my money!  

1.) So how can I get my web logs/blogs from either google or go daddy?,


2.) and do they Have to Provide me with this information?  and do I have the right to it / see it?


3.) and how should I go about requesting this information from them, short of a court order like a freedom of information act request..

Thank You for taking the time to read this and respond.  


Re: Web logs / blogs

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Your web server logs will be held by your server, web hosting provider ( usually via a cpanel access). Request that from godaddy as you state they are the web hosting provider.

Do you have Google Analytics associated with your website and linked to AdWords? That is a great source to see what the actual terms that where searched for that clicked on your ads, as well as additional data such as location via secondary dimensions.

If you don't have Google Analytics proper installed, you can still do a Search Terms Report on the keyword level to see what some of the actual phrases people used to see and then click on your ads.

Understanding the Search terms report

You may find out that you have not done a good job or keyword match type targeting along with Negative keywords to ensure you are attracting the true customers for your service.

Example: You may getting people searching for Garage Door Opener repair or other things that are closely related but not on point for your business.

Also check your targeting, are you excluding people from outside your service area? Ie getting clicks you don't offer the service to out of state, outside of the area.

Geo targeting

View your Geo Targeting locations reporting

You may find out that have clicks from people outside of your area, because you didn't Target Locations Exclude properly.

There are plenty of things from your account setting and set up that can mean the difference from true laser targeting the customers that can use your service and getting irrelevant to you clicks based on not understanding Adwords completely and restricting those potential bad clicks.

Regardless, view the reports, View your logs, and if you find out things still seem out of whack, you can always call customer service and have someone look over your account and walk you through some area's in which you may not have been optimizing correctly.

Remember Google is giving you a platform in which you can advertise to people who search for things, etc. But you control the setup, keywords, targeting methods, the Ads you write, the website landing pages, your own site speed, mobile friendly aspects, your calls to action, your USP Unique Selling Proposition what sets you apart from the guy down the street and why should I buy from you?
You control all of that. If you understand and present it in the proper way, using the proper optimized situation and have a compelling pitch, and offer then you have the opportunity to get customers.

Just because one advertises, doesn't mean they will get sales, especially if someone offers it better, cheaper, has more experience, better reviews , more trusting, and it is established based upon not seeing or knowing you personally, but what is portrayed upon going to your website and making that decision.

If you want a review of your website and landing page, supply your URL..

But as I stated, review your data, learn how adwords works, make sure your website is in proper order and looks professional to give your self the best opportunity to sell your goods and services.

If you want to contact Adwords reps to look over your account, you can find they ways here
contact Google Adwords customer service

Lastly you may want to seek a professional to help you.

Let me know how if goes.