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We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics)

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Dear Community Members hi!


These week we have spent 3 days to get some information from Google Dublin chaps; but unfortunately they couldn't find the problem. Guys are offering old, product based static code typing, not saying anything about GTM (Google Tag Manager) or Re-marketing via Analytics Tag. It would be great to get your support on Re-marketing via Analytics Tag and using GTM Smiley Happy


We are trying to run a new Adwords Re-marketing Campaign and are choosing Google Analtycis Tag as in the source. And we are using the GTM and have also created a Re-marketing Tag by the GTM. We have also done GTM configuration, using the documentation ("Single remarketing tag" method).

The problem is Adwords / Shared Library / Audiences is giving "We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics)" failure message.


Any comment on; how can we solve this problem? In other words, why  analytics code for remarketing or the GTM created re-marketing tag fail ? How can we activate the re-marketing ad?


Thanks for taking your time...


BR, SolarDukkan IT Team


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Re: We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics

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Hi Solar D,

Hard to tell without looking at a page. You can't just copy the code for "Single remarketing tag" method and paste it on your page. It needs to be customized for your site.

If you have pasted the code in exactly as it appears on that support page, it will generate errors and you will have missing values.

You need to provide the parts to test for product/cart/purchase pages. You can probably do that by looking at the URL. Then you'll need to provide values for prodid and totalvalue. You should be able to get that from your URL or from your shopping cart.

Anywhere is says "Insert JS expression" or "Insert custom JS code", you'll need to provide the code. It's different depending on your CMS, so Google can not provide the exact code you need.

What you are looking at is Dynamic Remarketing. This will show an ad for a product that appeared on a page the user visited. It has to be connect to a Google Merchant Account. The prodid produced for this tag must match the prodid in your GMC feed. There are more simple methods for remarketing, but they won't provide the specific product the user had viewed.

If this isn't the problem you're facing, let us know.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics

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Hi Pete. Thanks for your response but unfortunately it is not that relevant with the existing problem. Your answer is regarding old style remarketing, defining product details from merchant center and typing a new remarketing tag into the main source codes by prod_id, value and type. We were using this approach before and working well. But the issue is; this way of remarketting tagging is not sustainable, for every small change in product price there is a need for revising the tag. Now you can use the GTM to attach dynamic remarketing tag automatically and or you can use your existing analytics tag for dynamic remarketing. Our problem is Adwords/Shared Library/Audiences is giving the problem as "We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics)".
Support from colleagues would be great...

Re: We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics

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There are three things which I have understood from the discussion above -


  1. You want to set up Dynamic Remarketing audience
  2. You wan to implement it through Google Analytics Tag, not AdWords 
  3. And you want to do the final implementation of codes through GTM

If I am right by now. Here are the steps you will need to take -


  1. Update your Analytics tracking code to support Advertising Features
  2. Link your AdWords and Analytics accounts
  3. Link your Google Merchant Center and AdWords accounts
  4. Update your tags for Dynamic Remarketing.
  5. Create audiences for Dynamic Remarketing
  6. Create attributes for Dynamic Remarketing
  7. Create your Dynamic Remarketing campaign in AdWords
  8. Do the implementation of codes on your website pages though GTM

Please note that GTM will not fill in those custom parameters by itself, you will first need to set them up inside Analytics interface. GTM only helps to make sure right code is firing at the right page with right parameters. 


Practically, setting up Dynamic Remarketing though Analytics is more tricky. And to the error which you are getting in AdWords, it's because you haven't created attributes for dynamic remarketing in Analytics still. 


Ratan Jha

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Re: We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics

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Hi to Ratan Jha and everyone.

The problem has been disappeared suddenly. We believe that it is taking 3 to 4 days for Google Adwords to catch tag updated from the main source.

Thanks to everyone for your contribution Smiley Happy

Best Regards,