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Wanted $10 a day for 10 days, got $67 and $35 for 2 days

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We wanted to run our ad for $10 a day average for 10 days, when I put $100 on it was all gone in 2 days. We have done this in the past and it has worked, but the option for an end date has disappeared. How can I run an ad for 10 days at an average of $10 a day, please?


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Re: Wanted $10 a day for 10 days, got $67 and $35 for 2 days

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Hi Dorothy, welcome to the Community.  Can you provide some more details?  Are you using AdWords or AdWords Express?  What have you set as a Daily Budget?  AdWords Express has no "end date" - Ads run until the paid balance is exhausted.  AdWords does have an end date but it's only visible when Campaigns are set to "All Features", not "Standard".


If you're running AdWords (not Express), to run a Campaign at $10 a day all you should need to do is set the Budget at $10.  You could then set an end date or simply monitor the Account and Pause the Campaign when it has spent what you want to (although it's always a good idea to set an end date for any testing).


I would say that $10 a day may not provide you with an adequate test.  If you're just starting out with AdWords and trying to determine if it might be successful, it's quite important that you capture a respectable proportion of available Ad impressions as anything else may not be a reliable test.  It's a bit like putting flyers under car windshields in a car park of 1000 cars.  If you put flyers under just 10 random cars you may get no phone calls and assume it doesn't work but if you put flyers under all 1000 cars you may well get enough business to cover the cost of all 1000 flyers and still make a profit.


It's worth considering, rather than spending $10 a day for 10 days, spending $20 a day for 5 or $40 a day for 3 or some other combination.  Spending more per day for a shorter period may give you more useful data.


Bear in mind also that your spend on AdWords should always be measured in terms of the Return on Investment.  A very simple way to look at advertising is that if it's making you a profit you should spend as much as you possibly can, if it's not, you shouldn't be advertising at all.



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Re: Wanted $10 a day for 10 days, got $67 and $35 for 2 days

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Hi Dorothy,

First of all, Are you using the standard AdWords platform or are you using AdWords Express?

When you are setting up your campaign, you should have the option of setting a start and end date. Click on the Campaign you want to set the dates for then click on settings.

Make sure you have clicked 'All Features' when you select the Search Network (I'm assuming you're running your ad on the Search Network).

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and you'll see a sub-heading called 'Advanced Settings'. Below this you will see a blue menu option with a little plus next to it called 'Schedule: Start date, End Date, Ad Scheduling. Here you can set the start and end dates for your campaign.

With regards to the budget - you will need to set a daily budget. You can do this on the same Settings page. Just scroll up and you will see a heading called 'Bidding and Budget'. Set the budget to $10 a day. Please keep in mind though that there is always some overspending on the daily budget - usually about 10%. So if you want a strict $10 a day budget, perhaps aim for $7-$8 a day and keep a close eye on the campaign for any overspending.

I hope this response helps!