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Want to run Campaign using CPM

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I have a display campaign I want to run with 2 million impression every month. How do I go about it? Would the display ad (Basically Images that are click-able and direct visitors to the website.) How much is a CPM for 1000 impression. I was informed it is $0.25c. Is this still valid? Because I saw a post here:


Please I need clear support. Thanks.

Re: Want to run Campaign using CPM

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First of all you have to set an objective before you spend. If you want 2 milion impressions even at the minimum price of 0.25 $ that would mean spending 2000 x 0.25 $ = 500 $. To spend the best these money you have to understand a few basics of targeting from adwords : location targeting and mobile targeting ( or disabling )


What do you aim to advertise, an event, a political campaign, the opening of a new store ?


That 0.25 $ is the minimum price per 1000 impressions. Depending on what websites you choose to have your ads displayed ( websites in adwords are called Placements) , the price can be higher because of competition (others can be bidding more than minimum on a website). 


If you do not have a set of preffered websites, you can target only a set of Topics in which case I think you may receive some impressions for the minimum bid of 0.25 $ but you have to run a campaign for a few days in order to asses how many impressions, that is not something you can measure in advance.


On that blog the price was probably set by automatic bidding , but you can also set it manually.


There is also an option to target the whole inventory of the Display Network, without any targeting if you only want impressions .


It is logical to restrict the campaign to at least a geo targeting, an area , a city or a few cities.


If the landing page is not mobile friendly you have the option to disable the display on mobiles by setting a "Decrease of 100%" for the mobile bid.


I am sure that other forum members can add to this advice and I invite them to proceed.