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Video Ads

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Hi Guys,


I would like to know what the difference is between setting up a Video Campaign as opposed to creating a video ad under a GDN Campaign?


Video Campaigns are kept separate from Search and GDN Campaigns so I just wanted to see if there was a difference or not.



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September 2015

Re: Video Ads

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The difference lies in the targeting and the inventory.


When you run video ads via GDN, you are restricted to showing your ads only on placements which allow video ads to be published on their website. Also, have these ads have limited formats.


However, when you choose to run video ads via Video campaign, you can choose to run your ads on GDN and on YouTube. So basically, the whole of YouTube inventory is open to you. Not just that,you have more format to choose from, specially on YT. It also makes more sense, since it is on YouTube that people go to watch video. Even on normal placements, its always a YT plugin.


The key advantage of of Video campaign is the pricing model CPV that is available. You only pay if a user chooses to see your ad. Not just that reporting and engagement statistics are much better in a Video campaign.


Personally, I would choose a Video campaign over a normal video ad in a GDN campaign and I would recommend the same to you!

- Neeti Ghildiyal
@NeetiGhildiyal | SMG Convonix | Join Us - Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Re: Video Ads

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Thank you NeetiGhildiyal Smiley Happy

I have already setup a Video Campaign but was just wondering whether there were any differences from setting it up under a GDN Campaign.

Thank you for your explanation and help.

Have a nice day!