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Video Ads Conversion Report Issue

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I am running video campaign for a client.  After 15 OCT, the conversion is showing very low, but client is actually getting good leads. Like yesterday he got 34 leads and video campaign showing only 9 leads.

We have created a separate landing page for video ads and its separate confirmation page with a new tracking code added. The new confirmation page url is -  .

Any idea?


vudeo campaing graph.png


Re: Video Ads Conversion Report Issue

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Hey Anil.

Are you sure all the 34 leads are VALID and from different people? (maybe your "Total conversions is 34" while your "converted clicks" is 9?)

If they're valid and from different people - maybe the YouTube Campaign went viral and people shared it in social networks ?

I recommend you to analyse the data through Google Analytics in order to see other sources :-)



Re: Video Ads Conversion Report Issue

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yes all 34 lead are unique.
Have you seen graph above? Its getting same views and conversion has been reduced?
if it went viral, then adwords conversion should not increase.

Re: Video Ads Conversion Report Issue

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This is a very interesting case for my , as I never obtained a 4% conversion rate from video ads so congratulations Anil, it sounds like a nice success there for your with AdWords.


I looked at the page you indicated and the conversion code is really low on the page near the footer, while the page contains a video on auto-play.


I would suspect that the conversion code is loaded too late, so my first action would be to place the code higher on the page , keeping it inside the body tags, perhaps imediately after this 


<body id="900-Width-No-Menu">


Also you could let that video on select play, instead of auto-play.


A problem I have found with Youtube video conversions is that youtube video campaign reports only conversions from the AdWords code, not goals set up in analytics. If you rely on some imported Goals from analytics as conversions in there , they will not show up.