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Value Track Parameters for display campaign

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What' s the use of value track parameters ? It seems useful for google analytics reports (to tracks the metrics from an display campaign such as : target, kw, ad)  to avoid the simple dimension "content targeting" but for adwords display reports , the Value track parameters seems to be reduntant ? Isn't ?

Tks a lot  to clarify...

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September 2015

Re: Value Track Parameters for display campaign

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Hi garguier s,

Value track parameters are most useful for tracking with other than Google Analytics, such as 3rd party web log analysis or for internal tracking systems.

Otherwise, they are redundant with auto-tagging. If you are using Analytics, auto-tagging is all you need.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Value Track Parameters for display campaign

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hi petebardo,


Tks a lot for these explanations, i assume that it's normal to get "content targeting" when you look at google analytics reports with sorting by keyword as main variable as GAnalytics don't track the keyword such as the search. ...Clear enough for me now !