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Using your own retargeting audience to place and manage ads for others

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I've been trying to figure out an answer for a while and haven't had any luck. Does anybody know if Google allows a site owner to resell access to its own retargeting list?


Here is an example:


Suppose a local visitors bureau places retargeting code on its pages. One of those pages may include a "Places to Stay" page. Can the visitor bureau go to local hotels and say "We have an audience of people who are looking to stay in this region."  I'm not looking for the visitor bureau to be able to transfer the database to a hotel (I know that's not possible). But could the visitor bureau agree to place and manage ads on behalf of the hotel using the visitor bureau account?


Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Using your own retargeting audience to place and manage ads for others

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@Mark P


What you are describing is acceptable, but I don''t think "resell access" is the best way to describe it.  It's common for visitor bureaus to partner with hospitality and tourist related services as a part of their marketing plan. The ads you serve to your remarketing list do not have to be to the website that built the list.  However, in the example you give, you might find that the hotel partner will see better results if there is something in the ad along the lines of, "Recommended by <city> Visitor Bureau."

Re: Using your own retargeting audience to place and manage ads for others

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@Mark P;


This is a nice question which is covered by several sections of the Policy;

The main one is Personalized advertising which states:

>>"Google won't allow another advertiser to use your remarketing lists or similar audiences lists without your consent.

  1. In practice, this means that you must get authorization from the site owner to install the "other party" Remarketing code:
  2. In addition, your Remarleting campaign   must comply with all other requirements of a remarketing camapign listed in the Personalized advertising  section of the Policy;
  3. Also note, that you must comply with  the data collection and use section of the Policy,  
  4. And finally,  if  you target the EU, you must also comply with the EU cookie Policy; 


Read  more:




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