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Using api to pull data and automatically edit an ad based on the data

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Hi guys,


I've just taken on an important client and I'm looking to improve their campaign. One of the ideas I've had is to provide a live price option for them.


Imagine it like a stocks and shares site. I want to be able to provide them with a webpage where they can enter a stock code and a live price. I then want to pull that data on submit and edit a pre-designed ad to include the data provided.


As a live example:


AAG 1.2 is submitted by the client


"Purchase *StockCode* now from *price* per share" appears as:

Purchase AAG now from $1.20 per share


Further than that, should the stock price need to be changed on the fly, the same ad should be edited with the new data.


Originally, I thought of scripts to be able to handle this, but as they can't alter ads as and when needed, would an api be able to handle this?


Any other workarounds would be most welcome should this not be an option in it's current state. I have got the skills on hand to be able to handle it, I just don't quite know the best way to go about it.


Many thanks in advance chaps.

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Re: Using api to pull data and automatically edit an ad based on the d

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Hey Dave,

This may be a shot in the dark but you may be able to use dynamic remarketing ads to create 'live' ads with dynamic information. The best example is how airlines use dynamic remarketing to show up to date ticket prices.


Theoretically you could setup a feed via the Business Data section in the shared library. For more detailed answer I'm sure @petebardo might have some good insights. 


Info on Dynamic Remarketing:



Joshua, Top Contributor
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Re: Using api to pull data and automatically edit an ad based on the d

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Many thanks @Joshua R. Although I've remarketed, I've not yet had the pleasure of dynamic remarketing. I'll look into it and hopefully @petebardo might chip in if he's got anything to add.