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Using JavaScript redirect at Tracking Template URL

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I'm using 3rd party tracking url to send visitors to when they click on my ad. That 3rd party tracking url then redirect them to Final URL. I used to do it by 302 redirect and everything worked fine. But for some reason now I need to use JavaScript redirect on 3rd party tracking url. Redirect works fine in my browser but when I add this 3rd party tracking url to Tracking Template URL field in AdWords at Campaign level and click Test button, it gives me an error "URL mismatch". I think that's because Google Script that tests my Tracking Template URL doesn't run JavaScript code on 3rd party tracking url and thus does not redirect to Final URL.


So the questions are:

Is it allowed to use JS redirect in Tracking Template URL at all?

Won't google block my ads one day automatically because of errors when I press Test button?

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Re: Using JavaScript redirect at Tracking Template URL

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I can't say with certainty, but I don't think that's going to work because you serve up a page that has to load before the Javascript can execute, and that will make it appear to be your landing page.

My question for you is why can't you use a 302 Redirect? Is the 3rd party tracking system unable to do that?

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Using JavaScript redirect at Tracking Template URL

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Hi Pete

I'm working with CPA network. I've put Google Retargeting Tag on that page (3rd party tracking page) - that's why I'm using JS redirect. I cannot put this tag in Final URL as I don't have access to it and won't have it.

Actually I launched campaign with this JS redirect and it works for now. I'm just worried if it can suddenly stop working. And I'm worried not to have any severe penalties from Google.