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Using Customer Match List in Custom Combo Remarketing List

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I'm trying to create a Custom Combo Remarketing List for Search campaign which would INCLUDE customers in remarketing list "A" but EXCLUDE customers in a Customer Match List "B"


When I try to find and exclude Customer Match List it's not visible in a list of all available remarketing lists that I can select.


Question - is it actually impossible to use Customer Match List when creating a custom combo remarketing list?


I hope it all makes sense.



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Re: Using Customer Match List in Custom Combo Remarketing List

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Hi @Domas R,


Unfortunately, your suspicions are correct. You can't combine "custom match" combinations with "tag based" or "analytics based" audiences. You can combine or exclude multiple "custom match" lists with each other but that's about it. 


I would recommend setting up a tag based or analytics based audience that captures the same intent of your custom match audience and use those audiences for a custom combination exclusion.


For example, your custom combination list could be an audience list aggregated from users that purchased a product on your site and now you want to use that list to make sure you aren't marketing the same product/deal to the same converted user. That being said, create a custom audience by redirecting the user to a thank you page or utilizing a checkout page as the conversion url that the user only sees after purchasing an item (by implementing a remarketing tag on those page urls). Then you will be able to exclude those users that aligned with your custom match users using custom combination.


Let me know if that was just a bunch of "mumbo jumbo" or if that actually helped giving you other alternatives.