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Using Convertion Tracking Code

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Hi! I'm tring to set up remarketing lists, and conv. tracking, but the link of the page doesn't change when i get to the thank you page... how can i work with that? how can i track goal complitions?

thanks a lot

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Re: Using Convertion Tracking Code

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Hello Anastasia R, 


Welcome to adwords community, 

You have to upload conversion tracking code in Thank you Page. When you will upload code these code on thank you page, Link will not change. Yes you can track your conversion with the help of conversion tracking code. 

For more information Go with this link,

Re: Using Convertion Tracking Code

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As I understand it your page doesn't go to a thank you page - instead you simply get a thank you message within the same page - correct?


If this is the case then there is a solution.


At some point a visitor will have to click a confirm button or a payment button or something similar... you can add an event to that action - and then that event can be used as a goal within Analytics. Take that goal and import that into AdWords as a conversion. It's a roundabout way of doing things but it does work.


Alternatively - it might be simpler to set up a thank you page for your action - if you are using some kind of extension this is generally an option - having a separate thank you page is better for a number of reasons when it comes to tracking.

Re: Using Convertion Tracking Code

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Hi Anastasia R,


You can use event tracking as a goal. If all transactions are the same value, that's perfectly fine. But, if each transaction has a different value, AdWords will not be able to produce and accurate ROI calculation for you.


The other thing you can do is return just the image part of the re-marketing/conversion code with the thank you message (assuming you are using Ajax to return the "thank you" message.The image source will look something like this:"/>


Have your server replace the value (121.99) with the actual value of the sale to record a conversion. If you are creating a remarketing list, the value is not needed at all.


Alternatively, if the thank you message is created by the page, you can create the image with javascript.


If this is a form submission, I would recommend using the onsubmit() event for the form, not the onclick() for the submit button. I've had trouble using the submit button for this on some browsers.


Best of Luck!




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