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Using Automatic Rules To Mimic Ad Scheduling So As To Be Able To Use Automatic Bidding

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Hi Folks,

Two points:

1) I am relatively new to adwords and would like to start out using automatic bidding to get a feel for things.

2) Ad display has to map to the times a call-centre is open i.e. 8.00am - 9.00pm weekdays and 8.00am - 2.00pm Sat and closed Sunday. This cannot be compromised.


However, for a campaign, one cannot use ad scheduling with automatic bidding.Mmmm?

Rather than kick into manual bidding, which lets face it, is not an 'exact science' I see two possible workarounds ...


1) Manually stop and start campaigns myself.... and become a slave to the clock.

2) Set up some automatic rules that map to this requirement. 


Ok number 2) seems doable even though I'm applying a heavyweight recurring schedule thing.


My concern is that the Automatic Rules may goof up the automatic bidding ... I mean I'm effectively applying what shouldn't be done aren't I? Is there a best practice I'm violating here?


I would be very grateful for any advice and thoughts on this crazy workaround I've concocted.


Many thanks


Regards Mark, Workflows

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Re: Using Automatic Rules To Mimic Ad Scheduling So As To Be Able To Use Automatic Bidding

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Hi workflows,


Welcome to the community. You should stick around, plenty of good advice to be had here.


Personally I prefer manual bidding as I am able to control keyword bids and positions myself but using automated rules to schedule your ads should work OK.


As you need the times to be set this way, you only have the 2 options as you mentioned and rules are the easiest way to manage this.


Because you are not running all days you'll need quite a few rules.


Each day will need 2 rules, one to start and one to stop.


enable campaigns weekly monday 7am

pause campaigns weekly monday 8pm


I've set the hours to one hour before you really want them on as the rule can run at any time within this hour and you want it to be on when the call center is open.


Someone might come up with a better way, but I think you'll be fine with the above.


Re: Using Automatic Rules To Mimic Ad Scheduling So As To Be Able To Use Automatic Bidding

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Many thanks for that answer. One thought ...


If I were to pause a campaign at Monday 8pm ... am I correct in understanding that the campaign will still be paused as it runs into tuesday morning? .... of course that's what would be desired for the campaign to be paused until Tuesday 7am ... it's just that tuesday is another day and the rule applies to a monday ... if you catch my drift.


It wouldn't be great if at 12.01am Tuesday .... it reset itself to be enabled !


Many Thanks, Regards Mark