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Uploading Conversions Via Spreadsheet

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Hi there,


I am trying to upload a manual conversion (Tools -> Conversions -> Uploads).


I've downloaded the template, filled out all the relevant information but arrive at the error:


"We cannot find an import conversion type with this name in the target account"


I phoned Google support whose advice was to the "Import Site Metrics" field is checked in "Linked Accounts -> Analytics" is enabled, which it is.


I have tried uploading the conversion using both the Event Action name (as per Google Analytics) and also the name of the conversion action in Adwords "Tools -> Conversions".


Interestingly these two names are different - the name in the Adwords tool was generated automatically upon importing the goal from Analytics.  Nevertheless, when I try both I still get the same error above.


Please could anyone help me solve this once and for all?


Many thanks!

Uploading Conversions Via Spreadsheet

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Hi Jamie


Manual upload conversions and importing GA conversions are totally differenct features.

If you want to use the numerical values measured by GA, I think that it is better to import from GA.
If GA is not measured(like offline conversion, negotiations, etc), you need to use manual upload.