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Upgraded URLs - Hangout on Air and Top FAQ's

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Hi Everyone! 


Miss the live event? Watch the recording below!


Katie from the AdWords team, is joined by Leo Sei, Product Manager and Sally Chung, Product Expert to discuss the new Upgraded URLs features. They'll be taking us through why you should be using upgraded URLs, showing us how to upgrade your URLs and covering the top questions we've seen from advertisers.




You asked - we answered! Here are detailed answers to the questions asked during and after our live event!


Q: If I use a click tracker (non-cross-domain), I will not need to make any changes. Is that correct?

A: In most cases, if you use a third party click tracker, it does redirect to a domain other than your website, and would be considered a cross-domain redirect. In this case, you will have to upgrade using either the basic or advanced upgrade method.If your click tracker does not redirect to a domain other than your website, then it is not a cross-domain redirect. In this case, you are not required to upgrade. You may still upgrade to take advantage of the new upgraded URLs. You can check out more details at:


Q: Currently I do not use any tracking parameter except the Auto tagging. Should I go for Basic or Advanced. I would like to use the features of the updated URLS.

A: If you are only using auto-tagging, then you are not required to upgrade your URLs. Your URLs will automatically be upgraded in July. However, if you'd like to begin using some of the benefits of upgraded URLs, such as the new value track parameters, in your new URLs, you can learn more here:


Q: Should we upgrade all together or in couple of batches? Considering it'll trigger the review of all of those ads

A: If you go through the basic upgrade, there is no review or down time so all at once is ok.

If you choose the advance upgrade, we indeed recommend that you test on a couple of ads first, then do the rest in a couple of batches.


Q: Can we use adWords Editor for the edits?

A: Yes, you can use AdWords Editor to complete the upgrade. The current version of AdWords editor is not compatible yet. But you can use the version 11.1 of AdWords Editor to upgrade or manage your upgraded URLs. You can read more in our upgrade guide:


Q: When will destination URL be retired?

A: On July 1st you will no longer be able to create or edit any destination URL. Your ads may still serve for a couple of weeks after but will eventually be removed and Destination URL will be removed from your reports.


Q: Do we still need "if mobile" params if there is a mobile final URL?

A: If you were using ifmobile to define a different landing page you can now use the final Mobile URL field instead (and you can even set it up in the basic upgrade).

If you want to track different information on mobile or desktop, you can use {ifmobile:xxx} in your tracking template or custom parameters.


Q: Will parameters like Final URL= {}{} still work when switched to final URL's?

A: It will work but I would recommend that you use final URL & final Mobile URL: for simpler management.


Q: Can you please explain how to do it for keywords?

A: We walked through the upgrade option for keywords in the hangout. Please check out the video on the event page for details, or check out our upgrade guide:


Q: Do upgraded urls apply any differently in the context of PLA/shopping campaigns?

A: The Feed in your Google merchant center is not changing but if you were using dynamic tracking URLs field in AdWords, they are now called tracking template and you can keep using it as it is exactly the same behavior. You can read read more details in our Help Center by clicking on “See specific campaign types” here:


Q: If I am using ValueTrack parameters, do I need to add them as custom parameters?

A: You do have the option to use ValueTrack in custom parameters, but it is not required. ValueTrack works great in your tracking template because, by design, they adapt to the actual serving situation and will deliver the right value. If you have valuetrack, you can most likely use them in a shared tracking template. You can read more details here:


Q: Is there a limitation in the number of custom parameters that we can use?

A: You can have up to 3 per level (sitelinks, keywords, ads, adgroup, campaign).

  • Note 1: If you have a tracking that depends on the adgroup, use the adgroup custom parameters for this.
  • Note 2: Custom parameters are a placeholder so having the value t1=value1&t2=value2  is perfectly valid.


Q: If I want to move from keyword-based tracking to a tracking on ad text level, is it possible to do it as basic upgrade to keep the history of keywords and ad texts?

A: It depends on your ad URL today. If they only contain the landing page information, you can do the following:

  • Basic upgrade at your ad level to move the destination URL to final URL.
  • Set a shared tracking template with all your tracking from the keyword URL.
  • On your keyword you would remove URLs entirely and only set custom parameters if needed.

However, if you have to change anything at your ad level (if you also do ad level tracking for example), you will have to do an advance upgrade at your ad level.


Q: Is there a way to test to ensure our final urls are adding the tracking template correctly?

A: If you use the {lpurl} tag in your tracking template, it will use the final URL. Stay tuned, we also have a test functionality to do exactly this (and more) coming very soon.


Q: If mid month there is a promotion and you update the "tracking Template" at the Campaign Level will the stats be affected. Or continue without changes?

A: If you upgraded to use shared tracking template - ad group, campaign, account - you can make any edit, without impacting your stats. Note: the tracking template is always applied at the lowest level, so if you have both a campaign and an ad tracking template, the ad tracking template will be used.


Q: Our tracking begins with a "?" or "&" depending on the URL. Depending on if a "?" already exsists in the landing page URL, the tracking parameter will begin with a "&". Will the tracking template know to use the "&" if a "?" is already in the landing page?

A: It’s more complex that it appears (please see here: for more details about this). We’re still working on it but my advice would be to add “?” at the end of every URL that do not already contain it so you can always do {lpurl}&....


Q: How does this work with omniture?

A: Click tracking is in general not impacted by this change as upgraded URLs change the way you set up URLs in AdWords but does not necessarily change the Ad URL. However, we recommend you reach out to Omniture to confirm with them prior to your upgrade.


Q: My current url is simple url without any TAG or Redirects. If I go for Advanced upgrade will my stats reset. I would like to use the key word and landing page tracking 

A: If this is your URL structure, there is no need to do anything. You can use the automated upgrade if you want but you are eligible for the auto-upgrade starting on July 1st.  Please see our upgrade guide for more details:


Q: When you upgrade the url's on July 1st and our destination url still has tracking parameters, will there be issues when you upgrade the destination url to the final url?

A: The auto-upgrade will just copy your destination URL to your final URL. Once the auto-upgrade happens, you will no longer be able to do the basic upgrade. If you want to get the benefits of the new tracking template without the stat reset, we recommend you use one of the upgrade options before July 1st. You can read more details on our upgrade guide:


Q: At what level can I find a final URL?

A: Final URLs can be found everywhere you have a destination URL today. For example, you can find them at the ads, criterion (eg., keywords) and some ad extensions (eg., sitelinks). Check out our help center for more details:


Q: For advertisers/agencies using 3rd party tracking, it will inevitably result in a loss in history/quality, and increase in CPC. Can you explain again why this is necessary? What will occur if URLs aren't upgraded?

A:  A couple things to keep in mind:

  • There are two upgrade methods - the basic and the advanced. The basic method does not trigger any change in ad performance stats.
  • If you choose the advance upgrade, this does create a new ad. But keep in mind:
    • Stats history are not lost because the removed ads are still in the adgroup. There is no impact on reporting at ad group or higher level. The only impact would be when looking at the ad ID level, you will now have stats for 2 ad IDs (one for the past, one for the new).
    • Quality score is primarily based on predicted CTR, ad relevance and landing page experience. Creating a new ad (with new Ad ID) with the same keyword, creative, landing page and device would therefore not affect the quality score.


Upgraded URLs also offer several new benefits for advertisers, including time savings when making tracking updates using shared tracked templates, reduced crawling qon your website, and new value track parameters. As a reminder, if you are using cross-domain redirect, your account will stop serving couple weeks after July 1st. Please check out our upgrade guide: and video for more details:


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Re: Upgraded URLs - Hangout on Air

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Re: Upgraded URLs - Hangout on Air

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CurrentlyI don't use URL tracking & use Google Analytics with auto-tagging.

Today I've updated using "Automated" method. I have the following queries:


1. In future if I use shared tracking templates, will it reset ad performance data or interrupt ad serving each and every time I change the Tracking template (and/or) custom parameter.( or will it affect only once - at the first time updation and no more data loss thereafter).

2. In what way the upgraded url is better than the auto tagging.

3. If I set up shared tracking templates at account or campaign level will it affect the auto tagging data.

4. Where can I see the report of the data collected by the upgraded URLs

5. Is it possible to track more than three parameters


Warm Regards,


NR Singh

Re: Upgraded URLs - Hangout on Air

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Hi NR Singh,


Let me jump in to answer your queries -


1. Once you have started using Final URLs instead of Destination URLs, adding Tracking Templates will not reset your stats. Assuming you would not make any change to Final URL.


2. Auto Tagging gives you a fixed set of tracking information. Using tracking templates, manual tagging, ValueTrack and Custom Parameters you can fetch in-depth tracking info from your campaigns.  


3.  It's not advisable to use both manual and auto tagging at the same time. Though, there's no restriction on their use. 


4. You can see all tracking information in your Google Analytics Account. There's no report for Upgraded URLs in AdWords interface, at least at this moment. 


5. You can use more than 3 ValueTrack parameters in your Templates, but the use of Custom Parameters is limited to 3 only. 


Ratan Jha

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Re: Upgraded URLs - Hangout on Air

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Dear Ratan,

Thnx for the clarifications.

Warm Regards,

NR Singh