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Upgraded Sitelink Scheduling affects campaign schedule

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I have begun scheduling my sitelinks on all campaigns during the week and over the weekend in which I will have some sitelinks stop and others start depending on the start and finish time of events.


The problem I have encountered is that the account seems to take the first sitelink schedule and apply it to the campaign schedule. Therefore if my first sitelink is scheduled to finish on Saturday morning at 8am, means all my campaigns are paused for the entire weekend.  Therefore after setting my sitelink schedule i have to go in and set my campaigns to show at all times.


Any ideas if there is potentially something i am doing in my sitelink scheduling to affect my campaign schedule. i don't see how they are related.




Re: Upgraded Sitelink Scheduling affects campaign schedule

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Dave,

Are you saying that if you schedule a sitelink on the Ad Extensions tab to stop showing at a certain time, then it causes your ads to stop showing at that time to? Despite what you've set on the Settings tab for your ad schedule? That's certainly not expected behavior.

Are you scheduling the sitelinks to show during times when you have the ads in the campaign to show?