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Understanding Google Trends to Boost Your Business

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Have you ever wondered what search term was more popular, Pepsi or Coca Cola?


Well, with Google Trends you can compare trends in different search terms to help you figure this out.


For example, after Pepsi’s fun ad with Jeff Gordon went viral in March the search trends for Pepsi and terms like ‘Pepsi test drive’ increased substantially. When these terms are tested against search terms for ‘Coca Cola’ this change becomes even more clear.


Although advertisers aren’t always advertising soft drinks, this tool can still help you compare important terms in your market or compare how you and your competitors are doing when people are searching for your business names.


As you can look at different periods of time with this tool you can also see seasonal trends (month on month, or year on year) in your customers search habits that can help inform your AdWords bidding strategy.


Have you used Google Trends to help you understand how people are searching for your AdWords keyword lists?


Do you have any top tips on how you use this tool? Let us know!


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Re: Understanding Google Trends to Boost Your Business

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Great post Alys, 


I always suggest Google Trends to my clients.

Re: Understanding Google Trends to Boost Your Business

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Ok. the following post of mine somehow was posted on the wrong thread. (That's what happens when having to many community tabs opened simultaneously) Smiley Embarassed


I use "Google trends" in conjunction with the keyword tool;

I have found that a "high level of competition" shown in the keyword tool a is better analyzed for seasonal trends / or no trends when using the graphics and relative scales used in "google trends"



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