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True View Indisplay

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It should be great to have different topics like ( Video, Search, Display). I am sorry if I miss the video category.
I've got some doubt regarding the True View Indisplay format on Youtube.
With this format, an add is supposed to appear on Youtube when a user is watching content.
To make it easier to understand I will go with an example:

I want my ad to appear when a user is watching content about empanadas on Youtube.
I use the specify content keywords targeting option and add the keyword "empanadas"

  • A user is searching "empanadas" on youtube
  • On the "empanadas" Youtube page results, he clicked to watch a video

my question is: do my ad appear on the right side of Youtube while the user is watching its video about "empanadas"?

Thanks for your answers.


Re: True View Indisplay

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TrueView in-display videos can only appear on YouTube Videos (Watch pages on YouTube) and Watch pages on video publishers of the Google Display Network.

Which basically means it will display on right hand side

Here is screenshot from the help at

Regards, Nik
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Re: True View Indisplay

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Thanks Nik,

I know that and it can also appear at the end of a video as a kind of overlay ad, but that is not the point of my question, regarding true view in display with content keyword advanced targeting option.