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Too much work! Do I pause or lower daily budget?

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What is the best thing to do when we want the phone calls to stop for a while?


Just need a break!  I don't want to lose any performance of my keywords such as postition ranking, quality score etc


What is the best thing to do? Pause the campaign or reduce the daily budget or any other suggestions?


If I pause the campaign and then enable it, will I have lost all the work that I have done in pausing certain adgroups and keywords?


I love this forum, the responses are so quick and helpful.




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Re: Too much work! Do I pause or lower daily budget?

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Good afternoon. Your problem--too many leads--is one many businesses wish they had. Smiley Happy


First I would say that AdWords is not a faucet. You can't turn it off and then back and expect to always see the same "flow" when when it's "on". The advertising environment is competitive and dynamic--things change constantly. Your campaign has clearly hit the "sweet spot" for you--you're getting all the business you could hope for from it (and more). If you stop serving ads, no one can guarantee that you will get the same "flow" when you start advertising again in the future.


While you are taking a break, your competitors are going to be jumping into the gap you leave behind. It should not surprise you to learn that they are going to be reluctant to step aside when your ads are available again. Smiley Surprised


I would pause a client's account, if they really insisted, but I'd give them the same warning.


Also, I wouldn't personally lower a client's campaign budget. I might implement ad scheduling, so that the ads weren't serving 24/7. (On the other hand, I'd implement ad scheduling to service the highest converting times and days, so maybe that wouldn't solve your problem!) That could slow the lead flow, without shutting it off.

To your specific questions:


Metrics like quality score don't change when an account is paused.


Ad rank is something your ads have earned and it will likely need to be earned all over again, depending on how long the campaign is paused.


Individual elements that you have paused separately (keywords and/or Ad Groups) will remain paused, even if you pause and then reactivate a campaign.


My $0.02. Hope some of it helps!


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