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Too much information?

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I've used Adwords for over 8 years but in the last 3 or 4 years I've used it less and less because the CPC went well above an acceptable cost per conversions. Simply put there were too many High Street retailers spending their big budgets on unprofitable keywords.


Post Penguin the High Street retailers now dominate the search results and continue to pay over the odds for keywords.


Now I have two choices: Bid high on Adwords or downscale the company.


I'd rather not lay off staff so I've pulled away the sheet covering my pretty much unmonitored $400 per month Adwords campaign and it's changed a lot. Lots of buzzers, whistles and buttons to help me spend money easier. This means taking some time out from running company to learn all the new improved features on Adwords - hell I didn't need to concentrate on running my company anyway!


So what help do I need before I go back to spending $5k per month?...


1, My desktop(?) shows campaigns from many years ago with ads that are no longer relevant linking to pages that have been moved or deleted. Can purge them and start again? My spending, cost per conversion and other stuff from several years ago is of no interest and just a distraction to me starting Adwords in earnest again.


2, What the best way to get up to speed - online videos?


3, What's this about linking Adwords to Base/Froogle/Merchant Ceter?

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Re: Too much information?

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Hi ddstyles, I think you have other options than just the two you quote!  From the sound of things there's probably a fair bit of optimisation that could be had in your account.  Certainly if you have campaigns that are still active with poor relevancy, etc. this will be dragging down the performance of the whole account.  You don't necessarily have to have a big budget in order to beat the big guns, you just have to do Adwords better than they do.


If you've "lost touch" with your account and Adwords in general, it may be best to treat the issue as though you were a newbie.  Adwords changes very quickly and there have been a ton of modifications and new features in the last couple of years.  You could do a lot worse than go back to basics, examine your objectives, research keywords and ad groups, etc.


Have you considered hiring a consultant - either to provide you with an "audit" of your current account, including recommendations, or to run your account on a monthly basis.  I know few businesses that can afford the time to manage their Adwords accounts to the degree that is necessary for true optimisation and it sounds like you're in this position.


If it were me, I'd look at getting some fresh blood into the campaigns, see if it's possible to compete with the big companies and see if we can't get some results rolling in.  I'd do this on a limited basis - both in time and budget - then examine the results and consider a way forward.


This forum here is, of course, a very good place to get advice and guidance and do please make good use of it.



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Re: Too much information?

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I´d probably let a (or a few) consultat first have look at the account, then, if you feel comfortable working with them, let them put a few hours into analysis and optimization (could be the account needs a total makeover, which of course would be a bigger investment), and then, if you feel you´ll have the time your account needs, educate myself.

Re: Too much information?

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Since you are "out of touch" with a very fast evolving system, AdWords, I suggest you hire a consultant.
I agree with you, ddstyles, when you say that CPCs have increased at an industry level, but as Jon said, there could be a lot of other reasons as well. General optimization may help reduce your CPCs too.
Restructuring your acount, to incorporate more keywords in different match types along with negative keywords will help reduce unnecessary traffic to your site.

The ad copies, if written correctly, can weed out irrelevant traffic.

The relevance between your keywords, ads and landing pages helps determine your quality score which in turn determines how much you pay for every click(CPC).

Also, there have been a lot of changes to the geographic targeting capabilities of Google AdWords along with a lot of other tracking facilities. Making use of all this will require a lot of understanding of the system.

If you wish to study this on your own, start with the learning center like a beginer or hire a someone who will handle this eadache for you Smiley Happy

Hope this helps!


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