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Time taken for bid price change to come into effect

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Hello ppl,


Need some tips from you all with respect to Adwords Management. I have a habit (good or bad) to have a look at my adwords CTR and tweak bid prices of keywords accordingly. Basically, I want to know whether there is any delay between my bid price change and that change to actually come into effect.


The reason I ask this is because, more often than not, when I make changes, I seldom observe changes (I desire) instantly. Heck, in some cases, there is absolutely no change in trend. Therefore, any help in this regards would be highly useful.




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Re: Time taken for bid price change to come into effect

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Vikram, 


Thanks for posting. This is an interesting question. The change that you make in your account usually take effect very quickly. However, as the ad auction is dynamic and depends on how people are searching on Google at any one time, it can vary in terms of how quickly the changes you make in your account translate into changes in the performance of your AdWords account. 


Does anyone else in the Community have any direct experience of making these types of changes?



Re: Time taken for bid price change to come into effect

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Here's what I know:


Google has many data centers all over the world for the search engine. This is needed because, well, there's an enormous amount of data involved to show search results and you need to share the workload. People do search millions of times each day after all.


As an aside, it's very likely that when you do a search, there is more than one computer involved. There's a bunch talking to each other to give you the results.


Adwords works the same way. There's many data centers just for Adwords, at least, many computers at the data center, each with their specific task. One computer's job for example may be just to record clicks on ads.


All this data has to be transferred to the other centers. This takes resources and time. It's probably done in packets. So update of bid changes might be sent to other centers every ten minutes. If someone searches in the meantime at a data center that has yet to get the message, your old setting will be used. There's nothing instantaneous in all this.


I don't know what and how often data is sent to all centers. It's probably very quick (within minutes) for most things. Even if it is a ten minute cycle, you won't even notice.