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The Great Fear of Losing Stats by Making Edits

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Losing historical stats is always a fear of mine. I tiptoe around editing, never knowing exactly what counts as an edit.


Question: I have ads that do not have ad-level address extensions. If I go into edit my ads and click "Always show with one address", does that count as an edit? And will I lose my historical stats?


Thanks for your responses.

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Re: The Great Fear of Losing Stats by Making Edits

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A better suggestion to keep your history;

Pause these ads and write new ones

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Re: The Great Fear of Losing Stats by Making Edits

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Hi Shawn M,


You don't lose the stats, the remain under the deleted ad. Nothing is ever deleted to the point where it doesn't exist.


Adding and editing extensions do not affect the ad or keyword stats, but it will "reset" stats on the edited extension. It makes sense to do that--it's now a different extension.


Your ad stats will "reset" (actually, it has the effect of deleting the ad and creating a new one, the stats are not reset) when you make any changes to the ad itself, but no for extensions. Keyword stats do the same thing if you change the match type or edit the keyword in anyway. Same reason.


To get stats for deleted items, make sure the tab is showing "All", and be sure to set your date range to a period when the ad or keyword was active.


Best of Luck!




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