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Text ads for large ecommerce sites

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I got an ecommerce site with thousands of products. Which options do I have in order to manage text ads for the products? In stock only if possible. The listings need to be updated at least weekly, preferably daily.


These are the ones I found and following questions:


1) Feed via Google Merchant Center - Is that only for PLA or can the feed be used to create text ads as well?


2) Export a keyword list and achieve the ads with DKI - I guess I could generate a list with keyword and dest. URL for the products in stock and update it manually. But can I really achieve pause/remove keywords to products OOS, adding new keywords and not touching current keywords (to keep statistics) via that single file import?


3) Dynamic search ads - Will this do it? Can it detect products OOS in some way and pause those ads?


Which of the above is best suited, or is there any other way (or third party service)?



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Re: Text ads for large ecommerce sites

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Hi Admin A, you could use AdWords Scripts to pause/enable Ads based upon their stock availability, controlled via a Google Docs spreadsheet, or do this via the API.


In either case, I think the best approach would be to create Campaigns, Groups and Ads for all your products, then use the Script to change their status as appropriate based upon their stock.  Depending upon your systems you may be able to work out a way to update the spreadsheet automatically from your database.


More about using Docs Spreadsheets with Scripts




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Re: Text ads for large ecommerce sites

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Hello, Admin A.


1) Yes, Google Merchant Center only controls PLAs and Dynamic remarketing ads, nothing else. The good part about it is that it only shows your ads for products that are in stock, provided that you make sure to regenerate the feed often and schedule it to be fetched at least once a day. I think I saw a way to use the Merchant Center API and submit feeds even more often. Through the interface the most often is once a day.


2) Jon already answered that. Small note, if you can generate a feed then AdWords scripts can read that directly and update the ad groups' status (or create new ad groups, if need be automatically). How can that be achieved is a little outside my area of expertise for the moment, but just as they can access spreadsheet URLs they can also access other URLs as well (see this function:


3) Yes, you can pretty much achieve what you want via dynamic search ads as well (though you lose some control of your ad text) and you can use as negative targets pages with the words "out of stock" in them, for instance (


Out of these three, however, based on my personal experience, nothing grabs your attention the way a product picture does. I used to build hundredths of text ads for e-commerce websites (via some automation, CSV files and the AdWords editor as I had no API access) and they worked brilliantly. Each ad group had a rather low search volume by itself (except for some very sought-after products), but overall they had terrific ROI. Until PLAs came around and nobody saw the text ads anymore. Nowadays PLAs get way more clicks then text ads for the same queries, at least from what I see in my E-Commerce accounts.


Good luck and please keep us posted.

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