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Target outranking share is not accepting URL with www

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I want to outrank on of my competitor using Target outranking share but when i tried using it and entering the domain name using (www) in "Domain name to outrank" section it showing message that invalid URL

But when put the URL without (www) it is accepting it.

Problem is that my competitor is using url with (www) in adowrds ad, please advice, what should i do as i want to be in top position and right now i am on 2nd position.




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March 2016

Re: Target outranking share is not accepting URL with www

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Hi Gagan,

You will want to just submit the root domain without "www". This will give you what you are looking for. The "www" or what they use before the root domain doesn't matter as AdWords only allows one ad per root domain to show during a given auction.
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Target outranking share is not accepting URL with www

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Same problem here, but leaving off the "www" hasn't changed anything. I'm still getting the "Invalid Domain Name" error. 

Target outranking share is not accepting URL with www

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