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Syncing Shared Library Negative Keyword Lista accross (MCC) accounts

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Hey there,

I was just wondering if there is a way to sync my Shared Library Negative Keyword Lists (all have the same name) accross all accounts linked to the same MCC. I takes up lots of time to keep the lists in sync manually. If anyone had an ideas how to semi-automate this I would also be happy to hear those! 


I am also using Supermetrics for Google Drive and haven't found a way to do it through them. Even scheduling the negative keyword lists as monthly email-reports doesn't help much since there are not attached but have to be downloaded manually. 


Looking forward to your ideas.




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Syncing Shared Library Negative Keyword Lista accross (MCC) accounts

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Hey Jochen, 


I looked into this and it looks like Frederick Vallaeys from SearchEngineLand posted an article over a year ago where he shares a script to share negative keywords across accounts. I don't think I'm allow to post the link here but search "Cross-Account Negative Keywords & Other MCC Tricks" in Google. Also I will be posting the code below. Again, credit goes to Frederick Vallaeys from SearchEngineLand. 


function main() {
var accountFlags = {
'1425022273': {
'campaignsToUpdate': 'Brand campaign, Another campaign',
'2676612512': {
'campaignsToUpdate': 'Sweatshirts campaign',

var accountSelector = MccApp.accounts()

// Process the account in parallel. The callback method is optional.
accountSelector.executeInParallel("processAccount", null, JSON.stringify(accountFlags));

function processAccount(sharedParameter) {

var negativeKeywordSpreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(NEGATIVE_MASTER_LIST);
var negativeSheet = negativeKeywordSpreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
var negativeRows = negativeSheet.getDataRange();
var negativeNumRows = negativeRows.getNumRows();
var negativeNumColumns = negativeRows.getLastColumn();
var negativeValues = negativeRows.getValues();
//var campaignsToUpdate = "Brand";

var customerId = AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getCustomerId().replace(/-/g, "");
Logger.log("customerId: " + customerId);
var accountFlags = JSON.parse(sharedParameter);
Logger.log("accountFlags: " + accountFlags);
var campaignsToUpdate = accountFlags[customerId].campaignsToUpdate;
Logger.log("campaignsToUpdate: " + campaignsToUpdate);

if(campaignsToUpdate) {
var campaignsToProcess = campaignsToUpdate.split(",");
Logger.log("campaignsToProcess.length: " + campaignsToProcess.length);
for(var i = 0; i < campaignsToProcess.length; i++) {
//var campaignKeywords = new Array();
var campaignName = campaignsToProcess[i];
campaignName = campaignName.replace(/^\s\s*/, '').replace(/\s\s*$/, '');

var campaigns = AdWordsApp.campaigns()
.withCondition('Name = "' + campaignName.replace(/[\"]/g, "") + '"')

while(campaigns.hasNext()) {
var campaign =;

for(var negativeLineCounter = 0 ; negativeLineCounter < negativeNumRows; negativeLineCounter++) {

var negativeKeyword = "" + negativeValues[negativeLineCounter];
var negativeKeywordText = negativeKeyword.replace(/[\"\[\]]/gi, '');


} // END for(var i = 0; i < campaignsToProcess.length; i++)

} // END if(campaignNegativeList)

Joshua, Top Contributor
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Syncing Shared Library Negative Keyword Lista accross (MCC) accounts

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Thanks for the tip Joshua. I had read the article. However, I was under the impression the script doesn't use the shared library's campaign negative keywords but the "old" way of adding them to individual campaigns. I preferer to use the shared library to have a better overview. I will test this and post the outcome here as well.

Syncing Shared Library Negative Keyword Lista accross (MCC) accounts

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Hey there, I ran the test and can confirm it works the way I had expected: Negatives are added in campaign level and not in shared library. Might still be the best available solution for now. Cheers!

Syncing Shared Library Negative Keyword Lista accross (MCC) accounts

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Sometimes the answer is closer than you think. I have just found and tried a Script provided by Google that does exactly what I was after: