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Sub Geographic Campaign

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If I want to create a campaign that targets multiple areas within another campaigns area with ads with a higher bid (this is for high-income neighborhoods within a region.)  Is there any downside to just creating a campaign with these areas and not adding the areas as excluded areas in my other campaign since the bids will always be higher in the more defined campaign or will the two campaigns compete and therefore if I was the only bidder, would the larger area campaign push the cost per click up? 


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Re: Sub Geographic Campaign

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Hi Jeff C,

That setup will probably work. No, the larger area campaign will not push the CPC up.

The way this works is if more than one keyword is eligible for the general auction, those keywords enter into a mini-auction and the keyword with the highest AdRank is entered into the general auction, and everything starts all over.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Sub Geographic Campaign

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In a sense you would be competing against yourself making your reporting and optimizations more complicated than they need to be concerning data collection and analysis, but not in driving your CPCs higher.

AdWords will always try show Ads that are most relevant for the user.


Keep in mind cost will likely differ per area due to competition. So segmenting is a good idea.


I think you've got two options here:


1) Use one Campaign and increase or decrease bids per location, using bid adjustments. You can find location bid adjustment info here,


2) Use two Campaigns with different areas. An advantage here is that you will be able to have separate Ad Copy for the same keywords in different areas. Analysis and reporting will also be a bit easier this way. So this has my vote


Hope this helps! -Justin Fuchs