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Start/End time of an automated rule

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Hey Guys,

I'm just getting started with automated rules.  Here's the deal: I have a low CTR KW that gets a million times more impressions than my other, jucier, higher-CTR KWs.  Nevertheless, this low CTR KW is converting at an acceptable rate.  So althoughI don't want to get rid of it, I'd like to limit this low CTR KW to maybe 10 clicks per day.


I've set a rule to activate the KW at 12:00AM when Clicks from the previous day <=11.  I'm fine with that.  But HOW do I set a rule that will reliably pause the KW when clicks reach 10 (at any time in the day)?


If, for example, I set a rule to pause the KW at 1AM, when Clicks from the Same Day are >= 10, will that rule still take effect if I reach 10 clicks at 1:01AM?  At 3AM?  In other words, will a rule set for a specific time expire at that time or will it simply begin at that time?  If the rule specifies a KW pause at 1AM, will that rule still take effect if the KW reaches 10 clicks at 5AM?  If not, how can I accomplish this?


Thanks for your input!




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Re: Start/End time of an automated rule

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Hello Mateo,


Unfortunately automated rules , as great as they are they have some limitations, one is lack of the option to run it repeatedly. You have to create 1 rule for every hour.


Also in the help center it is specified that the rule can run at any given time during an hour, so there is no exact timing.



Did you know...

You can specify the hour of the day for your rule to run. A rule can start running at any time within the hour you select."


You have to account also for the 3 hours of delay of reporting clicks in the interface so clicks you see at h 16:00 could be anywhere from h 13:00, 14:00,15:00 .

Re: Start/End time of an automated rule

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Awesome answer. I hadn't thought of writing multiple rules for the same action. I'll write one for each hour.