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Small geographic area without keywords?

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I hesitate to ask this, thinking it is too basic...

I want to promote a hyperlocal website and just show ads to the max 15,000 sets of eyes in my area and I don't care about keyword context. It's about getting people to look at our site, local news and opinion not available elsewhere, not conversion.


Am I crazy to just want to limit to people in my area and not worry about keywords?

If that's not crazy how do I set it up? Just not enable any keywords after setting the location?


Thanks for ideas. Tom

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September 2015

Re: Small geographic area without keywords?

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I can sympathize with your desire to reach as many people in your local area as possible, but what you're trying to accomplish--I'm not sure it will work.


No, you cannot advertise on Google's search page without keywords--at least not unless you're running Product Listing Ads (PLAs), where the "keyword" function is filled by the name of each product.


You can advertise without keywords on the Display network (meaning, non-Google website pages around the web). In my experience, trying to target very small geographic areas does not produce success on Display. In any case, if you didn't choose some kind of category or interest targeting, then the AdWords software would do it for you, attempting to place your ads on the web pages most likely to be suitable.


There just isn't any way to tell AdWords, "show my ads to everyone in this town, regardless of whether or not they seem to be interested in seeing them" because targeted and focused advertising is the foundation of the AdWords system. Everything about the system is designed to help you get your ads in front of people you have reason to believe will be interested in what you're offering. 


If you have more questions, please do post again!



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