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If you were to create mirrors of one page, but with different URLs, could these be used as sitelinks?  


Would Google penalise you for this?


If you think about it, there isn't any value being added by linking to the same content that is under a different URL.

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Re: Sitelinks

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Mirroring and framing is stricly prohibited as per Adwords advertising policies. See the policy link here.


Sitelinks are an added feature of Adwords which allows you to show the additional content of your website in addition to your destination URL. So, there is no fun sending the users to the same content using different URL. Rather it is not allowed.

You might be interested in reading more about sitelinks in this article.


Also, there is a separate policy streamlining how to use sitelink extensions here.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Sitelinks

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In an effort to maintain the highest level of quality in sitelinks, each sitelink in a campaign must direct a user to a different URL in your website, with completely different content. Google will begin to proactively reinforce this unique destination policy in the coming weeks, which means you’ll need to edit any duplicate sitelinks in your account or they will stop serving.

Please ensure that each sitelink within a campaign has a different destination URL and points to unique content.

Just a thought!


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Anchal, this is really good to know. I just checked and had an extension sitelink that was identical to the ad link, so I'm switching it to something unique.


Do you think it would be okay to have two URLs with the same content, but with one of them embedded with a special offer code and the other without the code?

Re: Sitelinks

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Hi frippy,


That should be fine. It's just a split test. Are you going to compare performance as an experiment? That would be a good way to go.


Best of Luck!




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