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Sitelinks costs

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Imagine this situation. I set up campaign for eshop which sells dietary and fitness supplements. And I want to add sitelinks to ad. E.g. someone enters query "weider protein" and in sitelinks I would like to show "Plus 80 protein" and "Whey gold protein" (maybe even "Protein Bar"). And this person sees the ad, click on one sitelink (Plus 80 protein) read info and goes one step back to search results. There he clicks on "Whey gold protein" site link and read info about that product.



1. Does Google count it as 2 clicks so takes money twice?

2. Does it affect my Quality Score in some way? (Decreases because he leaves after 20 seconds from "Plus 80 protein" page)


I hope I wrote it in understandable way. Smiley Happy


Thanks for answer


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Re: Sitelinks costs

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Hi Lukas, welcome to the Community - your writing is perfect, thank you.  To answer your points:


1.  Does Google take money for each sitelink click?


Yes, but only up to a maximum of two clicks per impression.  So in the case you quote yes, you'd be charged for each click.


2.  Do multiple extension clicks affect your Quality Score?


Although in theory two clicks for one impression would give you a very high CTR (200%) since this would happen only rarely it's unlikely to affect your Quality Score.  Note that time on site is not a factor in the Quality Score equation, so is irrelevant here.





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Re: Sitelinks costs

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"Note that time on site is not a factor in the Quality Score equation, so is irrelevant here."

I dont kno why but I always thought that it affects QS because we can interpret that action (comes ---> leaves after a few seconds) as he didnt find what he was looking for so that ad is irrelevant. Or maybe it works in this way only in Organic search?