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Sitelinks - Scheduled End Date vs. Default Running.

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Hi All:


I have the need to reflect changes in week vs. weekend promotions for our business. 

Weekends have more incentive so we need to state that to the consumer. 


For several reasons I need to keep the actual ad text constant, so I can only reflect these changes in promotion offers in the Sitelinks or Callout Extenstions.


The situation is at some points dynamic, for some countries the last week of the month is different with even more incentive, so for that weekend I would create a sitelink with a start date and an end date,y question is: will this scheduled Sitelink override the other default Sitelink I would have constantly running?


Same question would apply for Callouts.


Appreciate any help,





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Re: Sitelinks - Scheduled End Date vs. Default Running.

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Hi Moises.

As per my understanding I don't think it will override existing ones which is already running, instead new weekend ones will rotate along side with existing ones. So most probably users will see one or other. Let's see what others have to say Smiley Happy
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Re: Sitelinks - Scheduled End Date vs. Default Running.

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Hi Moises,

As per my understanding I too agree with what Nisal already mentioned. It will not override the existing site links, but will rotate with the existing ones.

You have two options here.

1. Schedule both sets of sitelinks. Schedule your default site links to run on week days. And schedule your promotional sitelinks to run on weekends.

2. Create two separate campaigns. Schedule one for week days and one for weekends. You can use specific ads, sitelinks & callout extensions for each campaign.


Re: Sitelinks - Scheduled End Date vs. Default Running.

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I am with Deepak on that. Furthermore; if you have a special promotion during the weekend I like to have a separate campaign and schedule it for the weekends. (It is also better for reporting and campaign analysis)
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