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Showing my Ads locally

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I am a auto locksmith covering Gloucestershire, but i appear to get calls from people outside this location. How can i target only people within Gloucestershire

Re: Showing my Ads locally

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Hi Andy,


Geolocation is a complex thing with Adwords.


To begin, you can og in the parameters of your campaign, select the "Area" tab and select the cities and the precise area you want to target.


There is a second parameter you have to be aware of: in the general parameters of the campaign, in the advanced option on the geolocation, you have to select to whose people you want to show your ads:

  • the one who are in the area you target or outside this area but who are looking for your area or showing interest for this area
  • the ones who are in the area you target
  • the ones who are looking for your area or showing interest for this area

The first one is the main one.


This two things are those you have to do. With that, your campaign will be ok. You can adjust bids for each areas you selected.


But there is also complex problems with geolocation. I don't know in UK, but in France internet providers provide bad IPs. The IPs are the first parameter used to locate someone. If the IP is wrong, the geolocation is wrong too.


It affects the performance of the campaigns because your ads could be seen by people who are not in your area but have an IPs which returns they are in it, and on a second plan, people who are in your area but have an IP saying they are outside will not see the ads.


Maybe you will not be affected by the last problem.