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Shared Sitelink Extensions - How to Disassociate?

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Hi all,

Apparently when some campaigns were set up with sitelinks, the person previous to me used the same sitelinks across many campaigns instead of creating unique sitelinks for each campaign. This is now causing me some grief as I need to update tracking parameters which are unique per campaign and can't because if I update one, it updates the sitelink across all of the campaigns that share the sitelink.


Is there 1) any way to convert these over to campaign-level sitelinks instead of being shared across multiple campaigns without deleting all and manually creating each sitelink one by one  and/or 2) any way to find out which campaigns are sharing the sitelinks? AdWords Editor 11.0.3 shows me in Shared Library section a column called Associations and tells me XYZ sitelink is associated with 5 campaigns and 3 adgroups, however there isn't a way I'm able to see how to disassociate them? I've tried selecting the +Associations button to see if that would allow me to see which campaigns are checked and deselect them, but it doesn't seem to work that way unfortunately.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Shared Sitelink Extensions - How to Disassociate?

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Google Employee
In Editor 11.0.3 there is Shared Sitelinks tab under Shared library, and Sitelinks tab under Ads and Extensions. This last one shows associations.

There are no campaign-level sitelinks in AdWords, only shared sitelinks that may or may not be associated with a given campaign (or ad group). You disassociate by selecting a row on Sitelinks tab and hitting Delete. If you delete the shared sitelink (on Shared Sitelinks tab), all its associations are also automatically deleted when you post.

In your case, the easiest way is probably to create all new shared sitelinks/associations, then delete old ones. Create part could be done via CSV import. Export existing sitelinks, do some spreadsheet manipulation to set tracking parameters the way you want them, import back. When satisfied with the results, delete old sitelinks on Shared Sitelinks tab.

Important: if you want to create sitelinks that differ only in destination URL, go to Tools > Settings (on Mac, AdWords Editor > Preferences) and set "When Importing Sitelinks" to "Create new sitelink if destination URL is different". For details, see